Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used for every aspect of your health.  I have also used them for cleaning my home, refreshing the air or stimulating relaxation before going to sleep at night.  I saw an ad on television where they are selling lavender infused pillows to help you get a good  night’s sleep.  I don’t know how much more they cost than the ordinary pillow, but if they do cost more, don’t waste your money.  You can do the same thing yourself, and ensure it is fresh by making your own spray essence that you can spray the pillows or coverings with before going to bed.


A diffusion provides a continuous distribution of the oils’ scents and active constituents making it easy to absorb them through the skin.  I have a diffuser in my bedroom that I turn on at night and it moisturizes the air with a pleasing and relaxing scent as I drift off to sleep.

When using the diffuser on your skin, the nerve fibres of the olfactory cavity do not pass through the brain’s switching station, therefore the emotional effects of scents are immediately recognized.  Diffusion is an effective and noninvasive way to reap the benefits of essential oils.

Skin Applications

Certain oils can be applied directly to the skin, though it is important to use caution. Top 10 Essential Oils Pure essential oils are highly concentrated and need to be diluted for safe topical use.  Almond and Jojoba oils are two popular carrier oils and I use both for diluting the essential oils for application to my skin.

I have used Peppermint Oil mixed with regular skin moisturizer to cool down my feet on hot summer days.  It also helps with circulation and feels great.  If you do have circulation problems try some Cayenne Oil mixed with your regular skin moisturizer and massage your feet and legs.  I add cayenne pepper to my tea and water infusion drinks.


I am quite liberal, and think I overdo how many drops I add to my bathwater.  I think that’s one of the reasons I am always running out of Eucalyptus and Lavender oils!  It’s suggested just a few drops, but when my eyes look at that big bathtub, my brain says surely that can’t be right; a few tiny drops in all that water – and so I overdo it at my own expense!  Thankfully nothing harmful comes of using too many drops!

I love relaxing in a bath of Epsom salts with essential oils.  It helps me unwind, the Epsom salts help stimulate the organs and wash away any aches and pains, especially after a hard workout – or being stooped over the keyboard all day writing.  The knots in my shoulder and neck are awful, and soaking helps me relax and iron out the kinks in my neck muscles.

You need to be careful with having the oil come into direct contact with the skin as it may cause some irritation.


One of my favourite treats for my skin, especially my face, neck and upper chest area is the use of coconut oil right from the jar.  I’ve done up a smaller jar and mixed Rosehip Oil in the coconut oil.  Rosehip Oil is extremely beneficial to the skin, helps stimulate bringing the blood to the surface giving you a healthy glow.

I also add a drop (and I mean a drop) of Tea Tree Oil to my hair conditioner or shampoo during the winter months because it helps with dry scalp that tends to happen because of the running furnaces and heat.  That oil is also good for anyone who has issues with

Now Essential Oils
Now Essential Oils – My Favourite Brand

head lice.  The smell is awful and if I were a lice I’d run like hell!

You can mix drops of your favourite oils with any of your other body products.  It depends on the benefits that you are seeking as to which oils to use.


I use Lemon Oil and Orange Oil in a water mixture to clean my windows and even my inside screens.  Using the lemon on the screens deters those pesky mosquitoes and fruit flies that seem abundant, especially in the Spring and Summer months.

Pine Tree Oil is amazing for getting rid of household fleas if you have carpets and or animals.  The oil is not harmful to your pets.  You fill a large spray bottle with water, add about 5 drops of the oil and a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol.  Then spray your carpets with a fine spray and just let it dry.  You can then vacuum and it will pick up any little critters, and the alcohol in the mixture kills any eggs that may be hiding in the fibres.

Test it if you are going to use it on any furniture.  You don’t want to be bleaching your colours with the alcohol or harming the fibres.  It has been suggested you can spray your pillows and mattresses for mites and the like, but I have yet to try that.  If I do, I think I’d hang my pillows outside to air and be sure to vacuum the mattress before remaking with fresh sheets.

Geranium Oil is a great air purifier.  You can prepare a mix in a diffuser to spray into the air, or use it in an electric diffuser if you have one.  I’ve used it in my wax melt burners as well. I, personally, do not like the smell of the Geranium Oil.  It’s a matter of preference as there are other oils that will act as air purifiers.

You can save a fair amount of money making your own cleaning products and you will be doing the environment and your health a favour by not using chemicals.