I Used Colloidal Silver to Heal Pneumonia

On March 27 I wrote a blog on the use of colloidal silver.  In it I provided a short list of several uses and indicated I’d used colloidal silver for all but the last one, pneumonia.

Well, I can now report that within a week of writing that article I came down with pneumonia and can testify as to the effectiveness of colloidal silver in the treatment of pneumonia.

Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver for Pneumonia

One of the reasons I wanted to follow-up with this blog was because of all the health news on the overuse of antibiotics, like penicillin, such that most viruses that were once healed with the use of penicillin are now no longer affected because the human, vis-a-vis both the medical profession and the patients (myself included) are so quick to jump to its use when we become sick.

Whether it was coincidental or not, and I am smiling as I write this, the Creator just had me put my money (my health) where my mouth was in suggesting that the use of colloidal silver is something we need to get back to on as regular if not more regular than the use of penicillin.  Colloidal silver has not history, in its thousands of years of use, of ever becoming ineffective in its curing properties.

I am now living proof.  I spent three weeks in solitude, too sick to move or even go to the corner store to get juice.  My temperature reached close to 103 and fluctuated between 102 and 103 for almost five days.  I was burning up and I knew I needed something to help fight the inflammation that was going on in my body.

If I had been able to, I would have gone to the hospital ER, but I was not able to.  I grew up in an environment that said if you have a chest infection, let alone pneumonia, then you need to be put on a round of penicillin to cure it.

In retrospect, I am glad I was took sick to make it to the ER because now I have proven to myself that colloidal silver is effective in the recovery from pneumonia.

I did a lot of praying, in between feverish sleeps on and off for over a week.  I have a large supply of colloidal silver and when my temperature began to spike it was then  I began using it three, sometimes four times a day, when I was awake.  After the worst five days, I was able get dressed and go to the corner store where I paid $6 for a tube of 6 Tylenol to help with the pain.

Other than the colloidal silver, those were the only drugs I took.  I drank myself out of all juice and fruit for making juice and resorted to my regular daily drinks of hot water, lemon, honey, cayenne pepper, ginger and cinnamon.  I’d drink that all day long, when I was awake.  I also ate a lot of raw garlic which is also a great natural germ killer!  My breathe was pretty foul, but that’s okay because there wasn’t anyone around who had to suffer from being exposed to it.  Also, I was so congested, even I couldn’t truly smell how bad it must have been!!

I was concerned with infections and also had blistered lips and was developing inflammation in my mouth so I also gargled with salt, a few drops of cinnamon bark and hot water.  I believe it helped me from getting mouth infections and it also helped reduce the blistering that had begun to form.

I am now in my fourth week since the onset and for the first time I was able to go out yesterday and do a bit of shopping.  My legs forgot what it was like to walk.  I am still coughing up some phlegm and there are remaining bits of discolouration (I wont’ get graphic) in some of what is coming up.  After spending four hours outside yesterday, I was exhausted, but it was so nice to be out in the fresh air.

I also happened to have had a long time booked appointment with a new family doctor yesterday.  Until late the evening before, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make the appointment, and am glad that I did make it.  As he took over from my “disappearing” family physician who had failed me (and no doubt others) in getting some blood work done, this new doctor ordered complete screening.  I was at the hospital this morning for 7:30 and had all the blood work done and will await the call to see the doctor for the results.

The doctor checked my breathing (lungs), blood pressure etc., and said that the lungs sounded pretty good and he didn’t feel I needed anything; told me to “keep doing what I was doing” and I’d be fine!  I had told him earlier I was just recovering from pneumonia and that I had been taking colloidal silver.

He’s a young doctor, and maybe, just maybe a doctor who believes in alternative therapies!  He now has a patient who is living proof that colloidal silver does help patients to recover from pneumonia, without the use of penicillin!

In the meantime, I am suggesting to the medical profession that if they truly want to keep penicillin for use in extreme cases and know it will therefore be effective, that perhaps they ought to try having their patients use colloidal silver.  It worked for me and I can tell you I do not remember, ever being so sick in my entire life.

Consequences of Antibiotic Overuse

The following information is taken from the website healthline.com.

1. Antibiotics increase fatal diarrhea cases in children.  A new CDC study shows that children given antibiotics for routine upper respiratory infections are more susceptible to aggressive antibiotic-resistant strains of the bacteria commonly known as C. diff.  The study found that 71 percent children who suffered C. diff infections had been given courses of antibiotics for respiratory, ear, and nose illnesses 12 weeks before infection.

“When antibiotics are prescribed incorrectly, our children are needlessly put at risk for health problems including C. difficile infection and dangerous antibiotic-resistant infections,” Frieden said in a recent statement.

 C. diff, a bacteria found in the human gut, can cause severe diarrhea and is responsible for 250,000 infections in hospitalized patients and 14,000 deaths every year among children and adults.

2. Upset sensitive gut flora.  Your intestines contain around 100 trillion bacteria of various strains. While some can be deadly, there’s a natural balance in the gut that can be thrown out of whack by antibiotics. These helpful bacteria, known as gut flora, support immunity and proper digestion.  Aggressive antibiotics, while helpful if you have a serious infection, can wipe out many good gut bacteria while leaving those immune to antibiotics to flourish. That’s the case with C. diff diarrheal infections.

Many people, especially children, are vulnerable to unwelcome side effects of unnecessary antibiotics, including lasting changes to their gut flora.

Personal Note:  I have to tell you that it is my confirmed believe, from actual experience and then study, that most of the things going on in our body that are out of whack, start with our gut being out of whack.  Even mainstream medical treatment is coming around; as can been seen by the more prominent and frequent use and advertising for people to incorporate probiotics in their daily diet.

3. Help drive up drug and hospital costs.  The average patient facing an antibiotic-resistant infection can expect a medical bill of between $18,588 and $29,069 in 2009 dollars, totaling $20 billion in health care costs each year in the U.S., according to estimates from the Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics at Tufts University. In 2000, the U.S. lost $35 billion because of premature deaths, hospital stays, and lost wages related to antibiotic-resistant infections, Tufts researchers found.

Personal Note:  I indicated I have the large bottle of Colloidal Silver.  There’s no expiration date on it and there are no side effects or contraindications in its use.  The large bottle will last for a couple of years or more, depending on how frequently you use it.  If I was to guess at how much I used, it might have cost me $8 to $10 total, and that would be on the high side.  The large bottle would serve a family for a couple of years and it costs about $80.00.

I just read on a site that someone paid $19 for one round of penicillin; penicillin that they have to take before seeing a dentist.  I had to do that for years because the old thinking was that if you have a heart murmur you need to take antibiotics before having any dental work done!

So, a family of four could use $80 bottle of colloidal silver for two years.  If they had to take penicillin (each) once a year, it would cost $80.00 a year, and if someone had to take it for the dentist, add another $20 for each person; therefore perhaps $100.00 a year, therefore $200 for two years.  There’s a $120 saving and their bodies get to rebuild and be reactivated so that if they ever had a life threatening situation where noting but penicillin would do, perhaps their bodies would no longer be resistant to the healing properties and a life would be saved!!

4. Increase in cases of untreatable gonorrhea.  Along with C. diff, the CDC is aggressively tracking cases of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea. This untreatable gonorrhea not only causes pain but also has been linked to pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, tubal infertility, and neonatal eye infections, among other conditions.  A specific strain, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, has developed resistance to the antibiotics typically used to treat these infections. Currently, cephalosporin antibiotics are the only class that meets the CDC’s standards to fight resistant gonorrhea.

5. Antibiotics teach good bacteria to go bad. Essentially, bacteria don’t need to reproduce to pass along their genetic protection from antibiotics. They can simply pass along these genes to fellow bacteria like students passing notes in a classroom. One study found that bacteria passing through the colon can transfer their resistance genes to other forms of bacteria. A study from Birkbeck, University of London, released this week shows how bacteria secrete genes between membranes, possibly giving scientists a clue about how to stop the gene transfer.


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  1. Growing up, my Mom always had a bottle of penicillin in the refrigerator. It was so common to us that we took it on our own if we thought we needed it.

    That changed when my wife went to get a tooth pulled out and the doctor overdosed her on penicillin. She got the rash like she had chicken pox. We haven’t had it in the house since, but we have had colloidal silver.

    Very interesting findings.


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