Do Not ‘Own’ Family History of Diseases

I wanted to share some personal information with you with respect to family histories of various diseases.

Many years ago I made a conscious choice that just because my parents came with a family history of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, I was not going to accept that nor own it.

I was reminded of that decision last week in conversations with a brother and sister.  In the conversation with my brother I didn’t realize what I had said until a later telephone call when he brought it up, because it stuck with him.

In the original conversation he told me he had diabetes, that all of my siblings have it or are borderline.  Several of my brothers and my sister have suffered from heart attacks and/or strokes.  Thus far there is no report of cancer regarding my siblings, but there is a family history on my mother’s side.

I didn’t recall saying this to my brother, but apparently I said something like,

“I refuse to own it.  Just because we have a family history of this or that doesn’t mean we’re doomed to repeat their diseases.”

When I spoke those words decades ago, I owned them, and just like the word that gets planted in the soil of our hearts, so too this acclamation.

Thoughts and words are powerful energies and they will eventually produce a physical effect.  YHWH spoke and it came to be.  We are created in the image of our Creator, and we have inherent abilities.  We just need to claim these abilities, these truths; stepping out in faith, no matter what the medical world tells us!  Remember the medical world is made up of people, like you and me.  They are wonderful, but they are not perfect.

For this writer, I stand on a fact that says science eventually catches up with truth.  For instance, for years I’ve used a term, spoken first unconsciously, and ultimately realizing the truth of those words that so unbidden flowed out of my mouth.  I was responding to a question that required an answer and whatever it was, part of my answer included the words:

“my hearing heart”

A couple of years ago science published they discovered that the heart has its own brain.  My heart also hears, and perhaps some day they’ll publish that the heart has its own hearing.  My heart hears when Spirit speaks.

Heal YourselfWe are responsible for our own health and we have all abilities provided by Creator to help us help ourselves.  If anyone is a healer, she must first be healed; it’s that simple.  I’ve written on this receiving-giving scenario recently.

If you care to check it out, I wrote two blogs recently on receiving and giving on my other site Esoterichealing.  You can get a link to it in the footer of this blog site.

If you or your family comes equipped with an unasked for and undesired history of any kind of family illness, you don’t have to claim nor own it.  Dismiss it, consciously, saying thanks but no thanks.

I am the only member of my family who has never had any symptoms relating to diabetes – a family of eight children and I am without.  My Spirit impressed upon me that this is a message to be shared.

In closing remember that your body heals itself and our obligation is to be good to it, spend more time on it then we do keeping our cars and computers in order.  The greatest anti-virus for whatever comes our way is the promises and Word of Creator.