Protect With Carrots

It is that time of the year we have come to call ‘flu’ season. The best way to maintain health is to eat well and support the immune system with food that reinforces our body’s ability to block those nasty germs we encounter.

Food is becoming more expensive and especially fresh produce which is the best source of Mother Nature’s benefits.

The good news is that carrots are a food that can still be bought for a somewhat reasonable price, and the benefits are numerous.

They are a super food great source of beta carotene which is a powerful:

  • anti-cancer
  • artery protecting
  • immune boosting
  • infection fighting
  • antioxidant.

Studies have shown that:

  • a carrot a day slashed stroke rates in women by 68%
  • one medium sized carrot’s beta carotene cuts lung cancer risk by half
  • eye sight improves from beta carotene and reduces odds of degenerative eye disease (cataracts & macular degeneration)
    helps with chest pain (angina)
    their high soluble fibre depresses blood cholesterol and promotes regularity

In many cases when we cook the food we lose a lot of the benefits. Carrots are different. The beta carotene becomes easier for the body to absorb when the carrots are lightly cooked.

As a long-standing juicer I attribute my carrot concoction and other healthy eating, to being the one out of 8 children who has not inherited family history of diabetes and heart disease.

>>>>That, and the fact that I declared to the Universe that I refused to accept what has always been as being the way it will be with me.<<<<

Eat well, think and declare health and so shall it be.