Essential Oils: History & Fun Facts

Sharing some interesting facts and historical information about aromatherapy as it relates to our health.

  • Memory is the sense most affected by smell. It has been used with Alzheimer’s patients and effective in bringing back family memories.
  • Scent is the last sense to leave a dying person.
  • Carefully prepared oils vibrate at a higher frequency. This fact should be key in our determining which brand of oil we purchase; how diligent are they in their preparation of their oils?
  • In France there are hospitals that heal primarily with essential oils.
  • In 4500BCE balsamic substances were used for medicinal purposes and religious rituals.
  • In 1817 someone discovered an 870 foot Egyptian document dating back to 1500BCE with specific formulations used by the Alchemists and High Priests of Egypt.
  • In the 1922 discovery of King Tut’s tomb they found 350 litres of oil in alabaster jars; oil was still in excellent condition. I can only guess at why and why so much oil? I have no doubt there were health reasons.
  • Way back then Priests calculated that embalming with oil would give the body 3500 years of preservation.

How can we not consider the use of essential oils for healthy living and even healthy death? Has Mother Nature’s bounty changed or the properties of her healing products no longer effective?