The Gift of Frankincense

I thought it appropriate to write about one of the gifts the Wisemen brought to Yeshua at his birth, Frankincense.

I have come to know that there is more than meets the eye especially when it relates to scripture content. Frankincense as one of the gifts is no different.

In scriptural references we know it was used for anointing. It s used for anointing and strengthening of our faith.

But, as I also know about Yeshua, he taught and demonstrated the care of the whole person: Spirit, mind and body. Frankincense has been used for the benefit of every aspect of our humanity.

These info graphs list but a few of the uses.

As a woman I was delighted to see the benefits there are for skin care; notably in support and strengthening cellular growth and skin care. As we grow (I have stopped saying ‘age’ and adopted plant language – they don’t age, they grow) or metabolism isn’t the same and the atmosphere attacks our skin daily with toxins, both inside and outside our homes. Our bodies appreciate the extra support from Mother Nature’s bounty. Essential oils are one of the best ways of providing that extra care and support.