Fruits-Veggies Anti-Cancer

There are anticancer compounds in fruit and vegetables. An analysis of our blood would let us know if we have been eating enough to help protect against cancer.

A 12 year study of 3000 men in Switzerland found that those low in beta carotene and vitamin A were more likely to die of various types of cancer. especially lung cancer. Low blood levels of vitamin C predicted death from stomach and gastrointestinal cancer.

A British study found a 40% drop in cancer rates for men with the most betacarotene in their blood.

Fruits & Veggies & Type Cancer Prevention

Lung: carrots and leafy green veggies

Colon: carrots an cruciferous veggies

Laryngeal(Throat): fruit and veggies

Stomach: fruit in general; lettuce, onions, tomatoes, celery, squash–especially raw veggies

Pancreas: fruits and veggies

Bladder: veggies, especially carrots, and fruit

Thyroid: cruciferous veggies

It seems to me that over the years I have heard from various sources and personally experienced the healing benefits of two veggies that make your breath stink, but kill off what’s making you sick. These veggies are of the same family and I am talking about onions and garlic.

Onions & Garlic

There have been over 30 anti-carcinogens identified in them. These include: diallyl sulfide, quercetin and ajoene.

In animals they block cancer causing agents such as nitrosamines and aflatoxin, linked specifically to stomach, lung and liver cancer.

In the county of Georgia which grows Vidalia onions, stomach cancer rate is half that of other Georgia counties and one-third that of rest of USA.

Feeding garlic to animals blocks cancer! A Harvard study found mice given purified diallyl sulfide had 75% fewer colon tumours AND when given throat causing agent, not one that got the diallyl sulfide got cancer.

Another study at Penn State blocked 70% of breast tumours in mice.

Bottom line is that mother nature’s bounty keeps us healthy and protects us, especially garlic and onions.