I go by the name of Shammah, a name that was spoken to me around my 40th birthday, during a baptismal ceremony.  I adopted it and have used it for years in my writing and poetry; I will only assign Shammah to works that provide creative, positive and healthy energies through the words that are written.  I believe in the energy that the name holds, and have a deep respect.

When I heard the name I had no idea who or what “Shammah” was; I didn’t even know it was a name.  It wasn’t until eight or nine months later when I saw a banner hanging over an altar during an Easter service at a Pentecostal fellowship that I was to learn a bit of the depth and power of that name.  A simple translation of the Hebrew is it means:

YHWH is with us.

My christening name given to me by my parents when I was a baby is Anne.  Anne is Hannah in Hebrew.  The meaning of Anne is:

Graced by YHWH

As for this blog site, I am the owner of a web domain called Return to Source and host a blog called Esoterichealing that began the end of December 2017.

It is intended that this blog will supplement Esoterichealing, in the areas of:

  • nutrition
  • plant and herb extract and remedies
  • juicing recipes for different physical ailments
  • detox foods
  • benefits of different types of food: i.e. fruit, vegetables
  • naturopathic subjects
  • exercises to benefit, strengthen and heal
  • pretty much anything that we can do to maintain the physical body

I dare call myself a healer because I am a healer.  I collaborate with my own body in helping it to heal itself.  I do this through meditation, prayer and of course eating well and exercise.

We are all healers, so that expression that is seen as a worldly tongue-in-cheek one, is not so tongue-in-cheek.  If you want to be the best you, the healthiest you, then my friends it is up to you.  As always the choice belongs to each of us, and so I say to you brothers and sisters of this universe:

Physician Heal Thyself

I Aspire to Inspire

Please know that when I say “I am” it is not me, but things or roles that I have done or played in this human journey – if you will, hats that I have worn from time to time.

I AM Spirit, as are all of you, and we are dressed in this human form that was given to us, to take care of.  How good a steward are you with your body?  I’ve abused mine pretty badly, learning the hard way what was best for me to restore health.  I have worn the following hats from time to time:

  • I am a certified fitness instructor through the YMCA, where I continued to teach aerobics, weightlifting etc. until moving from Toronto.
  • I am a juice freak, that is have been juicing for many years and I also happen to prefer salad bars to steak meals.  Simply my choice of preferences.
  • I have studied all about herbs, plants, crystals, spices, energy healing, Shamanism, juicing for health, etc. etc.
  • I eat books – seriously I devour books with my love of reading and exploring new and ancient ideas.
  • I am a student of the Shaman, Mayan, Egyptian, and my beloved Celtic Irish heritage.  I guess a student of humanity would be a good way to put it.
  • I am a firm believer in the healing benefits and power of Mother Nature.  I do not like prescription medications.  I am not saying there isn’t a time and place – they’ve been known to save lives.  But they are too well known for taking away lives.  I have lost two brothers to suicide that involved prescription medications.
  • I was once hooked on alcohol – hook, line and boy was I sinking. My marriage was falling apart and so I dove into very expensive bottles of Scotch, until I woke up. I know the damage it does to the body and what was needed to become healthy again.
  • I am a mother and a grandmother, have counselled in a woman’s shelter for the Salvation Army, worked in law, taught, studied, gone to bible school, hit the revolving doors of most branches of religion, including a Synagogue where I studied Hebrew
  • I am an adventurer and I am created to help others be the best they can be.  I aspire to inspire everyone around me, especially those who are seeking to be who they are.

Thanks for reading and look forward to sharing with you as we pass through the moments of time.

 ~ Shammah



  1. I stumbled upon your website today. We seem to have a very similar journey, health and potentially spiritual. I am seeking a more direct “channel”….not trying to be a channel….to our Creator. I believe supernatural/mystical knowledge has been hidden from us and I am searching to get it back. I am enjoying your writings.


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