I Used Colloidal Silver to Heal Pneumonia

On March 27 I wrote a blog on the use of colloidal silver.  In it I provided a short list of several uses and indicated I'd used colloidal silver for all but the last one, pneumonia. Well, I can now report that within a week of writing that article I came down with pneumonia and … Continue reading I Used Colloidal Silver to Heal Pneumonia


Colloidal Silver – History & Uses

I referenced colloidal silver in my last blog about onions and thought I'd do a blog on its use.  I first heard about and started using it about 15 years ago and continue using it.  Atypically I will use it when I feel something like a sore throat or any type of infection coming on.  … Continue reading Colloidal Silver – History & Uses

Coriander & Hyssop Benefits & Uses

So Ahab spoke to Naboth, saying:  Give me your vineyard, that it may serve as a garden of herbs to me. 1 Kings 21:2 Scattered throughout the bible there are references to various plants, herbs, foods, etc.  I once would read over these things just thinking, if anything, "That's nice."  But, over the years I … Continue reading Coriander & Hyssop Benefits & Uses

Negative-Positive Foods for Left-Right Side Health

When I sat down to write this blog I didn't realize how much more information I would find in the process.  I suppose that's one of the perks of loving to write:  I am always learning something new. Three years ago during the process of doing a cleanse, I discovered a lot of things about … Continue reading Negative-Positive Foods for Left-Right Side Health

Dehydration – Consequences & Needs

Following up on yesterday's post in which I set out information about the body and its composition of water, this post will deal with dehydration. Contributors to Dehydration Age: As we age the body is less able to sense dehydration and tell the brain you're thirsty and need water. Excessive Urination:  Excessive urination and increased … Continue reading Dehydration – Consequences & Needs

Gut Health, Parasites – Making You Sick

Below is a list of common issues people will have from time to time during their life.  The majority of our health issues, besides starting in the mind, really originate in our digestive tract and many can be traced back to a possible infection of parasites.  This is really creepy, but it is more common … Continue reading Gut Health, Parasites – Making You Sick