Sagebrush & Human Devastation

Sage, in various forms, is ever present in my home. I can be seen wandering from room to room with a lit sprig of sage purifying the air and clearing negative energies. I use essential oil for various remedies, anointing and household purification. When I was reading and came across sagebrush, because sage is such … Continue reading Sagebrush & Human Devastation


Negative-Positive Foods for Left-Right Side Health

When I sat down to write this blog I didn't realize how much more information I would find in the process.  I suppose that's one of the perks of loving to write:  I am always learning something new. Three years ago during the process of doing a cleanse, I discovered a lot of things about … Continue reading Negative-Positive Foods for Left-Right Side Health

Calming Herbs

Looks like I am the relaxation mode today.  Second blog to do with things to help us relax, de-stress and unwind. Actually, I am feeling lazy today and not into a lot.  I think it is the weather.  It's rather dull and we are supposed to get some snow, which is fine as it is … Continue reading Calming Herbs

Relaxing Essential Oils

A quick reference chart of ten essential oils that can be used for relaxation.  Some of these oils are used for other types of treatment.  Remember never to apply oils directly to your skin, with the exception of Tea Tree Oil and Lavender which are used as an antiseptic or disinfectant. As for Tea Tree … Continue reading Relaxing Essential Oils

Benefits of Holy Basil

Basil is an herb.  The parts of the plant that grow above the ground are used for medicinal purposes, and of course I use the leaves in salads, pasta sauces and anything else I want to throw a few pinches into.  Being a female I have to point out that unknown to me until I … Continue reading Benefits of Holy Basil


I am continuing with posts on some foods and herbs that are referenced in the Bible. And he put forth the end of the rod, and dipped it in the honeycomb.  And he carried his hand to his mouth and his eyes were enlightened.  ~ 1 Samuel 14:27 Honey was apparently very popular among the … Continue reading Honey