Protect With Carrots

It is that time of the year we have come to call 'flu' season. The best way to maintain health is to eat well and support the immune system with food that reinforces our body's ability to block those nasty germs we encounter. Food is becoming more expensive and especially fresh produce which is the … Continue reading Protect With Carrots


Vitamin D-Immune System-Cancer

This blog provides basic info on the reasons we need Vitamin D, sources, etc.  But, it also contains some information that I tripped over recently concerning an element called Nagalese that negates the body's ability to fight off cancer by destroying the element that binds the Vitamin D. There is a video included at the end … Continue reading Vitamin D-Immune System-Cancer

Negative-Positive Foods for Left-Right Side Health

When I sat down to write this blog I didn't realize how much more information I would find in the process.  I suppose that's one of the perks of loving to write:  I am always learning something new. Three years ago during the process of doing a cleanse, I discovered a lot of things about … Continue reading Negative-Positive Foods for Left-Right Side Health

Pistachios: So Tiny, So Healthy

I love pistachio nuts (seeds), but until I recently did some research, I never realized how much good I was doing my body. Pretty amazing for such a tiny thing.  Mother Nature rocks, again. The pistachio is a small tree of the cashew family.  It is believed to be indigenous to Iran and is widely … Continue reading Pistachios: So Tiny, So Healthy

Toxic Thinking

Figured I would finish up with the entire persona, and discuss the mind.  Again, this info is from the same Detox book referenced in yesterday's Toxic Body blog. Also, normally this is the type of post you would find on my  But, I just wanted the continuity on this site, to finish up discussing … Continue reading Toxic Thinking

Symptoms of Toxic Body

These are just some things you can use as a barometer for deciding what could be causing your illness or generally not feeling well.  If you can't put your finger on it might mean your body needs a good flush (detox).  The source of this information is one of my 'bibles' for health; pages worn … Continue reading Symptoms of Toxic Body