The Gift of Frankincense

I thought it appropriate to write about one of the gifts the Wisemen brought to Yeshua at his birth, Frankincense. I have come to know that there is more than meets the eye especially when it relates to scripture content. Frankincense as one of the gifts is no different. In scriptural references we know it … Continue reading The Gift of Frankincense


Bible Essential Oils

Essential oils are mentioned throughout Scriptures. Here are a few references. Song of Solomon The Song of Solomon references the use of the following essential oils: Spikenard Myrrh Frankincense Camphire Saffron Calamus Cinnamon Aloe Birth of Yeshua Most Christian's know he story of Yeshua and the gifts brought by the three wisemen. There was gold … Continue reading Bible Essential Oils

Anointing Oil

Scriptures speak of oils that were used for anointing.  The following is a list of some of those oils and their spiritual significance. Frankincense: intercession and sacrifice.  Exo 30:34-35 Myrrh: purification, dying to self and preparation for the King. Esth 2:12 Hyssop (Holy Fire): cleansing, purification.  Ps 51:7 Cedars of Lebanon: strength, permanence, wholeness, restoration.  Ps 92:12 … Continue reading Anointing Oil