Bible Essential Oils

Essential oils are mentioned throughout Scriptures. Here are a few references. Song of Solomon The Song of Solomon references the use of the following essential oils: Spikenard Myrrh Frankincense Camphire Saffron Calamus Cinnamon Aloe Birth of Yeshua Most Christian's know he story of Yeshua and the gifts brought by the three wisemen. There was gold … Continue reading Bible Essential Oils


Anointing Oil

Scriptures speak of oils that were used for anointing.  The following is a list of some of those oils and their spiritual significance. Frankincense: intercession and sacrifice.  Exo 30:34-35 Myrrh: purification, dying to self and preparation for the King. Esth 2:12 Hyssop (Holy Fire): cleansing, purification.  Ps 51:7 Cedars of Lebanon: strength, permanence, wholeness, restoration.  Ps 92:12 … Continue reading Anointing Oil