The Humble Potato

I say humble because the potato has been the recipient of unhealthy comments for years. Personally, for years I thought of it as the poor man's food, having lived the first 13 years of my life on Prince Edward Island. PEI bore the acronym Potatoes Every Inch. Adding to this thinking is my Irish heritage … Continue reading The Humble Potato


Facial Care

Thought I would share some treatments for our skin.  I find in the winter months I dry out quickly due to the indoor heat running all the time.  Night time seems to be worse, even though I have a diffuser on in the bedroom.  Between the dry heat in our homes and office buildings and … Continue reading Facial Care

Olives & Olive Oil

Is any sick among you? ... Let them ...pray over him anointing him with oil ... James 5:14 The olive was one of the most valuable and versatile trees of biblical times.  There are many passages in Scriptures that mention olives, olive trees, olive yards and olive oils. One of the most famous references to … Continue reading Olives & Olive Oil